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In the interior of the Bader Hotel nature is the central focus. Bright and dark wood as well as a lot of daylight are part of the creative concept. Oak and stone floors, natural tones like white, grey and sand determine the overall picture. The materials used evoke a modern clarity, in which traditional elements have been incorporated creating a feel-good atmosphere. The fireplace in the lobby, family-owned roebuck antlers in the rooms and specially designed furniture define the Bavarian lifestyle in a new way.

Bader Hotel Skizze Lobby
Bader Hotel Skizze Kamin
Lampen im Bader Hotel



The interior architecture and design of the Bader Hotel was created with the help of interior designer and Monika Hobmeier’s father-in-law Ernst Bader. Self-made design elements in the rooms, such as wall hooks, sideboards, table and chair or even specially printed canvases embody the individual Bader-style.

The restaurant also features tables, chairs and the colour design by Ernst Bader. The ceiling lights in the entire lobby and restaurant area were also made by him and combined with LED lamps from the Swedish manufacturer NUD Collection.

Bader Hotel Design Lampen
Bader Hotel Design Lampen
Bader Hotel Fassade



The architect Stefan Beschorner created a sustainably built, elegant and puristic hotel that reflects nature in all its facets. The simple building form expresses harmony and elegance. The ground floor with its monolithic character of exposed concrete gives stability.

The larch wood cladding of the façade on the upper floor conveys liveliness through the strips arranged in binary code and at the same time represents the name “Bader”. The windows of the individual rooms are of different widths and arranged in such a way that on closer inspection a wave movement seems to appear.

Bader Hotel Design Uhr
Bader Hotel Kuckuck



The birdhouses that refresh our conference corridors are based on our own drawings and are handmade by the Liepert carpentry workshop in Hengenbach. The birds come from Sweden and are also hand carved.

Besides the art objects in the hall, we also have real birdhouses in the garden from our gardener. Why birds? Because we care about the native bird species and we want to draw attention to their protection and the preservation of their habitat.

Minika Hobmeier
Bader Hotel Design Geweih
Bader Hotel Erst Bader



Ernst Bader, interior architect and father-in-law lived in Stockholm. The straight lines of the Scandinavian design language characterise his style.

The materials used evoke a modern clarity, in which traditional elements have been incorporated creating a feel-good atmosphere.